So your step daughter will be getting married soon and as her step father you will have to deliver a speech at the wedding celebration. But of course, you will have to. Father of the bride will always be a part of weddings. You are only her step father but for sure, you love her and she loves you like for real. You are now here for some nice step father of the bride speeches.

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Maybe you have been her step father for quite a long time now. And therefore, don’t worry. Just try to just look back and recall and you will make and deliver a very heartwarming, memorable step father of the bride speech. Just look inside your heart and you will find the right words to say. You will know what exactly to write down.

At the wedding celebration program, you can’t also deliver a long speech. Better make a short but sweet step father of the bride speech. For sure you know that a wedding celebration program is often long. You will only be given limited time to deliver your special speech.

You can first welcome everyone. Begin your speech with some welcoming words. Welcome all the families and guests to also catch their attention. Then, you can begin giving tribute to your step daughter and her husband. You can share about how you first met her. Was she a cute 7 year old girl? Or was she already a lovely 16 year old sweetheart? Describe how she was when you first met her and how she turned into a beautiful lady and now a bride that she is. You can also talk about how she met her husband and how she decided to also marry him. Just share anything interesting. You can also talk about your step daughter’s good habits, hobbies, interests, music social activities, and the likes. You can also share those of her husband if you are familiar with some. You can also talk about those of the couple, as one. And after making everyone cry and laugh at the same time, you can already put an end to your speech by also wishing them all the best in life as they go on.

You can also be sentimental though you are only her step father. If you have been with her also for quite a long time, for sure you also have this special relationship and you love each other.